Meet our Leadership Team

The commitment of the staff and leadership at Ekklesia Iwigá is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving church. They are dedicated to serving the community and strengthening the impact of our church on people’s lives.


The Ekklesia Iwiga, The Ekklesia Epignostika Old Catholic Church, and Seminary (EEC & EES)  are governed by its Synod College of Bishops presided by the Presiding Bishop, and, with the assistance of their various advisors, maintain an open and transparent means of governing the Church.


The Church Council is the administrative body of the Church community elected by its members for the purpose of working together as volunteers with the Parish Priest or Proistamenos in fulfilling the mission and goals of that particular community. This brief description of the local governing body of a Parish also explains a fundamental aspect of the structure of the Old Catholic Church. Both clergy and laity are the “People of God,” who seek by the grace of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the mission entrusted to them to live and proclaim the Holy Gospel and the Holy Tradition of the Old Catholic Church.


Meet the 2021-2022 Executive Pastoral Council

Father Nikolaos (retired) President & Spiritual Advisor     VACANT, Vice President     Luis Juarez, Secretary   

Dawn Nichols, Treasurer

Meet the 2021-2022 General Church Council

Dcn. Jair Vargas, Dorris Romero, Darragh McGowan, Agnes Ó Raghallaigh, Brenyn Mulligan

Please note, 

All of our clergy are on a volunteer basis and receive zero benefits and or remuneration from the church.  Parish clergy may receive honoraria and gifts for baptisms, weddings, quinceañeras, and funerals, but it is important to note that the clergy never charges any fees for his or her services.  Free-will offerings are often made to him or her or the parish.  As given to us by Christ (Matt 10:8), it is sinful, sacrilegious, and rude for any cleric to ask for money while performing his or her sacred ministry

Deacon John Fleming.jpg

Rev. Mr. John R. Fleming, M.Ed., BCET

Protodeacon & Director,

Department of Religious Education


Rev. Ms. Brenda Orr

Diakonissa & Director of Women's and Intuitive Ministries


Rev. Mr. Jair Vargas

Deacon & Director, Spanish and Native American Ministries

Meet The Team


Jesus Christ

Founder of the One, Holy, Catholic,and Apostolic Church


The Most Rev.
 +Katia Sophia Romanoff

Presiding Bishop, EEC & EES
in mundo: +Katia Romanoff, Ph.D.

Very Reverend Archpriest
Justin Hurtado M.Div., STL, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor