The Catholic Exarchate of the orthodox

Old-Catholics in Mexico.


The mission of our Exarchate is to bring the orthodox Old Catholic Faith and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Mexican people. We have parishes and missions in Mexico.  The Exarchate also includes the Western US (CA, NV, UT, AZ, CO, NM and TX), everyone who is interested to know the orthodox Old Catholic Faith is welcome to come to visit us.


The Catholic Exarchate of the orthodox Old-Catholics in Mexico (Ekklesia Iwiga) was founded in 2018 by +Archbishop Katia (Romanoff) and Archpriest Justin (Hurtado-Palomo), and since then the Exarchate has dedicated its missionary efforts to be a referent of Orthodox Old Catholicism in Latin America.

We continue with the missionary ideals of our founders under the guidance of the Very Reverend Justin (Hurtado-Palomo), Archpriest of Guadalajara, and the Exarchate of Mexico; we appreciate your support and prayers to our mission, so we might continue with the Lord’s commandment of preaching to all nations.


We combined the terms "Ekklesia" and "Iwiga in the naming of the Exarchate.  This combination reflects the blending of our orthodox faith and that of the peoples of Mexico. Ekklesia is Greek: ἐκκλησία -and it means "assembly", allows to name the Christian temple. It is the building where public religious services are developed and images or relics are presented that are worshiped by the faithful. The term "Iwiga" is Rarámuri for breath which expresses the belief that everything alive shares the same breath, “all living things are related and play a role in the complexity of life.

Here you will find some information about our Exarchate, if you have any question please contact us at

Ekklēsía Iwigá, INC. is a 501c3 IRS Tax Exempt Charitable Organization #82-1053983, a California non-profit organization that serves all without exception.

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